La Navidad

Argentina in the rain
Rain boots…plastic bags.


I am good! My new companion is Elder Miranda from Santiago Chile and he is great!!

Yeah I can take a pic of the apartment! Its aight but we are going to be moving soon!!! Yay!! No more hearing screams from the mental hospital next door! Yayah! hahaha!

I cannot believe how amazing our ward is. I read an email from Julie Bowman, and started crying. I cant tell you how touched I am that the ward would do something so special for all of us. Also, please thank grandma so much for me. She is always so thoughtful and please tell her the pamphlet of quotes and stories she gave me have been such a help! Anytime I am down or something it has not failed to lift me up! Im also filling out my inspiration journal! I love it so much, and it has strengthened me when I’ve needed it most! Also can you thank  Sister Akina and Aunty Seliga for me and for the letters they’ve sent, it was so great to hear from them! Reading what the ward did and what so many others have done and have sacrificed to help us missionaries has been indescribable. I don’t know how to explain it, but I can honestly say I have truly received so much strength from the prayers that have been said on behalf of all the missionaries. Whether offered in the temple, or at dinner, or by a child, I know the Lord has listened, and because of that has strengthened us. The times when I was sure I could not go on, because I was physically or emotionally drained, somehow the Lord pushed me onward, so thank you all so much. This week has been great, we had a lesson with Antonio yesterday who I have really grown to love. When we first met him I think he may have been high, and I did not think we would go anywhere with him. But as we’ve continued to meet with him and teach him, I can see him truly changing. He’s cut his hair, shaved, but more importantly, he’s just happier. He loves going to church. I am so glad that I have been able to see up close as the Lord has changed others hearts and how he has changed mine to see people as they truly can become.

Yesterday we spoke in church, we talked about La Navidad. Kind of like Uncle Nelas song, I talked about how the Savior the light of the world was born inside of a humble stable, because no one would make room for Him in the inn. And just like that, if we ourselves do not make an effort to make room in our heart for the Savior of the world he will be with us. He loves us, and if we love Him we will strive to make an effort to become more like Him. And just like the words in Unlce Nela’s song, we should ask ourselves “have ye no room?” Man I love this time of the year, and even the Christmas here is way different than what I am used to. The same spirit I felt when we would sing hymns, or when we would act out the nativity, I can feel it here, even thousands of miles away. I love this gospel and love this time to remember our Savior, the most important gift that was given to us by our loving Heavenly Father! I love you all so much, and hope everyone has a great CHRISTmas! a Christmas filled with mas Christ!

Love you so much!

Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

The apartment next to the mental hospital


First apartment in Argentina


La cocina


His Washing Machine



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