Living Waters



I love this season of the year so much. Although this Christmas season here is so different, I have loved it. We have lunch with members everyday, so we really just have to worry about breakfast and maybe a snack for dinner. We had zone conference this week and I loved it, I’ve learned so much and it was great seeing President and Sister Goates and so many good friends!

This week has also been super funny. On Friday, I didn’t drink enough water and while we were tracting we were talking with some lady outside of her gate and in the middle of the conversation I passed out and smacked my head on the gate twice and then got up and apologized to her in a slurred voice. She then took us inside and gave me some water. Then she got weird. She told me I had fallen because the word of God and her faith had touched me, and now she was going to heal me with her faith, I got up to go and then she put her hands on my head and yelled “En el nombre de Dios! (In the name of God)” And then a bunch of other stuff after. Then she asked me how I felt and I said the same. She wasn’t too happy, then she held my face in her hands for an uncomfortably long time, and with that Elder Gerard and I booked it out of that crazy lady’s house. It was so funny later and honestly still is! Some people man, hahaha. But it just reminds me of the Title of Christ – He is the Living Waters. I know that every single person on this planet needs water and needs it every day. I know that there are people who thirst to find the truth but know not where to look. I know we have what they need, I am so grateful to be a part of this work to help people truly come to be healed from our Savior. I love this work and know that all we can do is invite people to partake of the water for themselves even though sometimes we want to, we cant force them to grow closer to Christ! I know that Jesus is the Christ and He is love. He was the first and greatest gift this world has ever received, and I am so grateful for Him. At zone conference, one sister bore her testimony. She told us to always remember, Christ is not just the Savior, He is MY savior! What He did was for each and every one of us because He loves us. I know that His atonement is both infinite and intimate. I am so grateful for you guys, being on the mission has shown me that truly the greatest gifts I’ve ever received I have had my whole life, an amazing family who loves me a Savior who has atoned for me, a Heavenly Father who knows me, I have been so blessed, thank you mom for all you do I love you so much, please send my love to everyone!

Muchisimo amor,

Elder Justin Wilson

1st companion in Argentina – Elder Gerard



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