FINDING Strength beyond my own..


We are at the Palmira ward waiting for the talent show and found these amazing elders with their investigators

I cannot believe it was just Thanksgiving! How was the food? My companion and I had oatmeal, but it was actually really good, but different than Thanksgivings I’m normally used to! But this week has been pretty good. Even though people here don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, one thing I admire that they say is, “Gracias Adios”. They always say that. “How was your week?” “Good. gracias adios!”  It was super weird at first but now I think its kind of cool that they recognize where the blessings we receive come from.

This week I have been trying to think of what I am grateful for, and I realize it really is the little things that I love. Grateful for a mom who loves me so much she would talk to me about my life and what I want to do. I am grateful for the car rides where we would just talk, grateful for older siblings and their examples of diligence and love for our Savior and for our family. Grateful for younger siblings and for all the things I learn from them like what it means to be humble and caring. Grateful for this time I have to dedicate to the Lord and bring others to His Son, Jesus Christ.

 This week was still pretty rough adjusting to life here and such. I feel like I can understand what people tell me but I feel like I haven’t been able to express myself the way I want to. This week I was just doubting myself so much and my abilities, I let Satan put in thoughts of inadequacies and weaknesses in my head. But this week, I received a text from Sister Goates the mission president’s wife that just encouraged me to continue to work hard, and that the first few weeks are so tough. She went on to say that one day I will look back and be humbled by how much the Lord can do with me and my few loaves of bread and fish. It helped so much and was exactly what I needed! I read in personal study the next day, Mosiah 10:11 that talks about how foolish the Lamanites were because they relied on themselves and their own strength. The phrase Zeniff uses over and over again when talking about his people is, in the strength of the LORD they recognized that even though they were weak that with the Lord’s help and strength they would be able to stand up for what was right and just. I know that is the same for all of us, the Lord is with us. I realized I was trying so hard to do everything by myself and relying on my own merits but I know that this is the Lord’s work and only with his help can we bring it to pass, I feel so uncomfortable or inadequate at times but then I realize that the Lord is truly shaping me into the man I need to become. I know that one day I will truly look back and be able to recognize how much the Lord has helped me every step of the way.

Con muchisimo amor,

Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

More investigators at the family night. Nice way to end the day after zone conference.



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