This week has actually been so good, learned a lot about myself and this work I am a part of. The other day we went to a barrio that every member in the ward said never to go to, but we had a lot of people on the list that we needed to visit in that area and after planning and prayer we knew the Lord would be with us and that there were people we needed to see there. When we got there, I realized almost automatically that this was one of the most humble areas I have seen so far. So much poverty, and so many houses that aren’t even worthy to be called shacks. We were looking for one less active in the ward and we actually ended up finding her sister, Christina. We had to use the bathroom so we asked if we could use hers, when we walked in the living room/kitchen is the size of my bedroom maybe smaller it had a mattress in it, she showed us to the bathroom and was a little shy because it didn’t even have a light bulb. She has a baby who is special and another young son, but she was so sweet to us and even though she lives a hard life she hasn’t let it harden her heart. I got home that night, got on my knees and just cried. I was so sad to see that there are really people living like this, I want to help them so bad, to help their lives, and I didn’t know what I could do. But I remembered a quote I heard from Elder Sitati of the 70’s that said “the restoration and gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift you have ever received in your life and the greatest gift you can give.”  I was reminded of my purpose as a missionary and how important this work is to invite others to come to our Savior. Just like the quote says, “the world would take people out of the slums, but Christ would take the slums out of people.” I know that that is so true. That in reality I may not be able to help these people change their lives, but I know how they can take the steps necessary to come unto the Man that can! We have what these people need and yearn for, even if they don’t know it at the time!

Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson


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