President Roseberg…

Hermana Keil and I are in the same district! I will get to see her every week! 

This week has been a good testimony builder for me. It was our first full week of all work. I just had a hard time missing home and everybody. I would look at the photo album and just think about how much I missed everyone and how much I took for granted before the mission. One day I flipped to the picture of all of us in white at Little Corona, and I cried. Mostly, because I realized how grateful I am for parents and a family that I know I can live with forever. That through this gospel I know there will be a day again when we are all in white. I had this huge motivation to truly share this same knowledge with others I come in contact with. I got on my knees and thanked the Lord for my family and for this gospel, and for the desire to share it with others.

 This area like President said IS rough, spiritually because there are about 600 members and 20 active  members. It is rough in other ways also. There are certain places we definitely cannot go after 5pm. But Elder Gerard and I have made a commitment to work our hardest to help the people here. This week while knocking doors we met a guy who hates America and our church, who yelled at us for killing the Catholics and accused us for killing President Roseberg! When we asked him who that was, he told us we don’t even know our country’s history! I can’t believe I forgot we killed Roseberg. Such a shame! Glad Jake is learning how to deal with defeat, because it’s true we really can’t win ‘em all! That is something I’m glad I learned growing up, how to be resilient. With every door that slams or every person that claims we killed Roseberg, I make sure it doesn’t get me down, and sometimes it’s super difficult.But I try to always remember to, Come what may and love it! I love when Elder Wirthlin talks about learning to laugh. A sense of humor has seriously helped so much on the mission. There are times that are just so crazy that I take a step back and realize how funny the situation really is! I am glad for the lessons I learned when I was young. Whether it was losing a game, a contest or whatever, it taught me what it truly means to be humble. I love the hymn ‘Be thou Humble’ when it says ‘be thou humble, in thy weakness and the Lord shall lead thee by the hand.’ I love it so much and it reminds me of Ether 12:27.

P.S. Some differences here in Argentina are that – there are a bunch of dogs; we clap instead of knocking on the doors; most houses have bidets and everyone speaks Spanish!

photo 1-2
Los Mismo Distrito



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