His Truth Is Marching On!‏

So we were told the libraries would be closed because of Columbus Day but later last night we found out they were actually open from the sisters, but we still have permission to email today! But thank you so much for the package! Loved getting all the goodies. But mostly thank you so much for the Love, the packages always come at the times I need them the most. I was getting pretty down on myself this past week because I wasn’t feeling very useful. I felt like I wasn’t contributing much and even thought maybe the Lord doesn’t need me in this, as I was getting pretty sad, the package arrived on my doorstep and no joke gave me the hope and strength that I can do this! I may not be able to speak as well as I would like to, I may not be able to understand everything that I need to yet, but that’s okay. I began looking at what was in front of me and what I could control and what I could change. Like my attitude, I began to stop looking so far ahead, thinking in 6 months when I can understand the language better I will be good, or when I get to Argentina I will be happier, or little things like that, that really don’t define happiness. I began praying for the strength to get me through today. I can do today. And as I did this, I realized how happy I could be even in the midst of different circumstances. Then I read in D&C 11:10 where it says “thou hast a gift, or thou shalt have a gift if thou wilt desire of me in faith…” I know that I have certain gifts or abilities to help others to Come unto Christ, and that as I seek Him in faith and trust in Him that I will receive other gifts to help 
uplift others.
Con Amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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