To Walk in the Light of His Love‏


justin and cordova
Elder Andrade from Mexico (traveled from SLC to Pittsburgh with Elder Wilson
This week has been crazay!!!! Don’t even know where to begin, one moment I’m in the MTC, then the next I’m at the airport, and now I’m here in Pittsburgh! This city is seriously insane (in a good way) they have big city LA traffic, but small town crazy narrow roads! Also people basically park wherever so it ‘s very interesting! I’m serving in the Pittsburgh 7th ward South Side. We are also Spanish speaking, so we basically cover all of Pittsburgh. There are so many bridges here, and they’re beautiful! No hay muchos latinos aqui, pero estabien! My companion is Elder Bailey from Redlands CA! Everyone here calls him ‘Abuelo’, because he is a bit on the elderly side. Let’s just say he entered High School when I entered 1st grade. He’s 27. But he’s pretty cool, and a very hard worker.  Just being here one week with him, I’ve been able to see how he’s really helped this area!
One thing I really learned this week was faith. As I’ve been here, I kept thinking, “when is my visa coming in!” And I began to resent Pittsburgh, I lay in bed one night and just thought, “this sucks.” I want to be in Argentina, I didn’t like the district I traveled here with, I didn’t want to be here, I want my visa now!!! And as I lay there, I ended up getting really annoyed with myself because the word I heard the most was ‘I’. I this and I that. I remembered why I came on a mission, I didn’t come to make myself feel good or so people can look at me and think I was cool or something, but I came because I know how much comfort this gospel truly brings and I wanted others to feel that same love in their own lives. So I got on my knees and prayed, asked for forgiveness and asked the Lord to bless me with an experience to remind me why I am here. A few days later we had a baptism for a woman named Mayra, and Mayra is just amazing. She waited 3 years to be baptized for her fiancée to get his divorce from his ex wife in Mexcio. She held on to the gospel for three whole years! She had so much faith in the Lord that one day she would be able to be baptized, and so on Sunday she spoke and though I couldn’t understand everything I could feel the spirit so strong with her. I know that faith truly is not to have a perfect knowledge, but to acknowledge that someone greater than us does. And when we put our trust in the Lord He will deliver us. In Alma 27, the Anti-Nephi Lehis always remembered their covenants they made with the Lord. Even when the Amalekites began to slaughter them, they continued to have faith in the will of the Lord. I love how they responded, not like many of us would. The king in verse 10 tells Ammon to inquire of the Lord, then if it be the Lord’s will then they would leave. “If he saith unto us go, we will go; otherwise we will perish in the land.” That is true faith. Trusting in the Lord, keeping our covenants especially when it’s hard and we shall be blessed.  I also love, 1 John 1:7 when it talks about walking in the light! Not just taking one step and then you’re done, but continuing to walk in faith and in His love!!! I know that in the strength of the Lord we can do all things! I love you all so much!
Con Amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa WIlson
Elder Wilson, Oscar Jr., Oscar, Mayra and Elder
Elder Wilson, Oscar Jr., Oscar, Mayra and Elder Bailey from Redlands, CA

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