I Feel My Savior’s Love‏

This week has been such a blessing! I can’t believe we are more than halfway done! This week we talked with our maestro about what the best reason to come on a mission is, and it is LOVE. It is love for our Heavenly Father and love for our brothers and sisters in Argentina. We read in Alma 36:24-26, how once you have tasted of the fruit you will grow a love and a need to share the fruit with others. Our maestro told us if you do not have a desire and feel you want to share the gospel with others you have not felt the atonement in your own life. And I thought about how much comfort and peace this gospel gives me.  That I can be happy because I know how much our Heavenly Father loves each of us and I know how much he wants to help us. I have been so blessed in my life with an amazing family, amazing parents who showed me the importance of a temple marriage.  Who raised me to know of the truthfulness of the gospel for myself. For an amazing ward who did not speak about charity but lived it! So many of my materials I have here, people compliment me on them and ask where I got it, and I say Idk my ward got it for me! I love GG1 so much and think about them every night! I’m so grateful to have amazing older siblings, who’ve shown me the kind of missionary I should be, and I’m so grateful for their amazing examples. I’m so grateful for my younger siblings who teach me so much! I miss joking and laughing with all of you so much, but I’m not even worried because the Lord will watch over both of us and one day we will ALL reunite and laugh with Dad and Uncle Sonny Uncle Mac, Uncle Joe, Aunty Carlene, Aunty Kat and so much more. I’m so grateful for a Savior who made it possible to know that I will see these loved ones again. To know that the grave hath no sting.
I actually recently had an amazing experience, the other day as a class we watched the mormon message ‘Because of Him’ video, and while I watched it I thought of all the things I can do because of Him. Because of Him, I can smile because I know He loves me.  Because of Him, I know my family is being watched over. So after we say a prayer and in the middle of the prayer, I don’t know how else to describe it.  But I think it was a vision or something shown to me by the Spirit. I could see it all so clearly. In it, I saw a man on the street and he had these dark cloths covering his face. People would walk by and some would put more cloths on him.  He seemed so uncomfortable just standing there, but it got to the point where he had so many ugly and dirty cloths on his face, that he just seemed to accept it. He just looked like a pile of dirty rags with legs. This continued until the street was empty and a man came up to him. From the angle I was at, I couldn’t see the man’s face, but I knew exactly who it was. Every fiber in me testified to me, that that was Jesus Christ. Not because of what I could see,  but because of what I felt.  And I watched as one by one, he began to take the cloths off of the man’s face. The next thing I knew my whole point of view changed and I watched as I felt the cloths on my shoulders grow lighter and lighter, until finally I could see the face of my Savior smiling bright at me. I learned two things after this experience.  1) I realized that I was that man, that all of us at some point in our life we all are. I also realized how amazing it felt to have the cloths taken off my face. It was funny because there was so much. I almost forgot they were there.  All I know is how amazing it felt to have them taken off.  2) I realized I need to see everyone the same way my Savior sees me. That the entire time He was able to see me as I could truly become and that He loved me so much He was willing to save me.  And I need to see others, with that same love the Lord has for me. I really hope this makes sense, because it was so real to me! I love my Savior so much and can feel His love so strong especially here in the MTC! I love this gospel so much and know that it is true. I know that the Plan of Salvation is real and that Jesus Christ truly lives to bring us safely home! Estoy muy agradecido por la oportunidad a ser un misionero de Dios!!! Harrah for Israel!

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