Like a Mighty Army

Me and my companion Elder Johnston
Buenos Dias Familia!
I’m so sorry I forgot to tell you that my P day was on Thursday in the letter! And we also didn’t get one last thursday. But estábien. Oh my gosh where to begin! First off the MTC is amazing, West campus is way different than Main and alot smaller but the spirit here is so strong! Me and my comp Elder Johnston have had so many experiences here in the short time we´ve been here! The first Friday of our first week we had to teach an investigator named Roberto and we saw a little video about him and why he wants to meet with the missionaries, and then we just had to go out and teach him in Spanish! I was so scared and the lesson went okay we were a little all over the place and our spanish was not that great, so the next day we had a lesson with him and we totally scripted out what we wanted to say in spanish, and we said things in perfect spanish but we were just missing one thing…the spirit. Because everything was planned on what we would say we were not relying on the spirit and putting our faith in the Lord. So sunday came and it was just WOW. We were reminded about our purpose as missionaries and the spirit there was amazing, one hermana spoke and one thing that hit me, she said ¨The spirit almost always asks us to do hard things¨ And like a ton of bricks that hit me.The Lord needs us to step out of our comfort zone, because there is no growth in comfort zones. And for us that meant relying on the Lord in our lesson, so on Monday when we met with Roberto we planned what we wanted to teach but we didn´t write anything down really, and we prayed so hard that we would be blessed with the gift of tongues and mostly the gift of understanding. And the Lord provided. We were able to communicate with Roberto and understand him and what his life is like we taught him about faith and repentance and we testified to him the Lord loves us and wants to forgive us of our sins and that his arms are open, and the spirit was so strong there. We may not have spoke with perfect spanish, but he understood and we understood him, because the Spirit does not speak English or Spanish, but the spirit speakes to the heart, the spirit speaks to those who are meek and willing to listen. I love being a missionary so much, the other day our branch president asked us to pick a christlike attribute that you are having trouble with, and to set a goal of how you want to accomplish it, so I picked patience. Later that day we got to watch a talk given by Elder Bednar entitled ¨Character of Christ¨ and in it he speaks on the importance of developing the character of christ. He testified that the character of christ always looks outward when the natural man would look inwards, so my goal is everytime I am feeling impatient or grouchy, I have to say something nice about someone else or something I am grateful for, because if I am spending the time on expressing my gratititude and what I do have, then I am not dwelling on what I don´t have. I invite anyone reading this email to pick a christlike attribute they want to work onand write it down! It seriously helps, I love this gospel so muc and I know that Christ lives I know he knows each and everyone of us and loves us so much. I love being a missionary and the oppurtunity I have to serve others, the gospel is true my friends! I love being a part of God´s army and I know He truly provides.
Con Amor,
Elder Justin Wilson

We saw Sister Willis at devotional! And we almost hugged, but its okay we remembered! (Sister Chantel Willis is Sister Natalie Wilson’s best friend from BYUH.)
Elder Paul!
Elders Randall, Johnson, Benedict and me
The LIFE cereal at the cafeteria is labeled “Eternal Life”
Our district at lunch!
So…these are our gyms, they just look like marshmallows
​I love my district soooo much!!!!
Hermana Harris and Hermana Blair!

Work hard, play hard. After 50 minutes of studying we take an 8 minute break to play games together!
The Texans…Elder Smith and Elder Mauthe
Hermana Ellgen and Hermana Matheson!
Elder Pixler and Elder Baesler!

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