1st letter from the MTC


Mi Querido Familia,
Estoy muy gracioso ser un misionera. El espíritu aquí es muy fuerte. Te amo la oportunidad aprender como ser misioneros, y servir. Yo se que Jesu Cristo vive y tiene mucho amor para ti, para mi, y para las personas en la tierra. 
Okay I really hope that made sense, but the MTC is amazing! I love being on West Campus because everyone here is Spanish speaking and me and my companion get our own shower and bathroom! But mostly I love it here because of the Spirit that is so strong here. I really do love you all and I love the MTC! My companero es Elder Johnston from St. George, Utah and he is awesome! He has a great spirit about him and love for the Lord and others. He just graduated too and is pretty much in the same boat as me! We get along extremely well and have similar personalities, and I think we make a great team! In fact, my whole district is amazing. It’s only the second day, but we all refer to each other as family! We share our own apartment with Elders Randall and Benedict and they are a crack up! Also, Elder Tollefson’s friend Hermana Harris is in my district and she is super cool!
One thing I’ve especially loved here at the MTC is all the learning we do. Day and night we are filled with information and it’s so hard to keep up with all that is being thrown at us. But one thing that brought me comfort was a quote that said, “There is no growth in comfort zones, and no comfort in growth zones = Most of the time if not all the time, it is not until we take that leap of faith or jump off that high dive that we see we had to go through that to grow. And I know that is so true, and that I’m exactly where I need to be and I love you all so much and hope to hear from you soon!
Con Amor,
Elder Justin Wilson
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson and his “first companion,”
Jerry Lauvao Wilson before he entered the MTC.
3 years ago, Justin was Jerry’s “First Companion”
before he went to serve in the Denver Colorado North Mission
Grateful to see his brother return the favor!

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