Hurrah for Israel

IMG_1109-3This has been a great week, Sheyla Tejada ot baptized!! She is a 10 year old girl who we have always tried to teach, her sister is an active member in the ward and her brother in law was able to baptize her. She is an awesome little girl and I am so grateful we were able to help her, she was so excited and she is a great example to her family, her mom is a less active member, and the coolest part was we had two youth speak at her baptism. This week is gonna be so hard because I am so excited to see all of you again but do not want to say goodbye to my family here. Yesterday, I shared my testimony and talked about covenants we make and the promises and blessings that our Heavenly Father wants us to have. It was beautiful because we saw Sheyla be baptized then we found out the benites had their interview with the Bishop and set goals to go to the Buenos Aires Temple in December. I know that these promises we make are real and I feel like the mission has helped me see how much the Lord truly loves us.

I am so grateful for all of the people that I have met in these last 2 years I am so grateful for the opportunity my Heavenly Father gave me to become reunited with some of my brothers and sisters here in Argentina. Im grateful for the trials Ive had here and Im grateful for the things Ive learned, I know that this is the work of the Lord, and I have been so blessed to be able to be here serving Him. He loves us, He truly loves us, and that is what gives me the most comfort, that even though we are always saying goodye in this life, that because of the promises we make with our Heavenly Father that we dont have to say goodbye forever, I know that Dad lives, and I know that we can be with him again, I know I can see my Argentine brothers and sisters again, If we keep our covenants. This gospel brings me so much joy and I am grateful for this opportunity to share it with those here in my area. I love you all so much. I’ll see you on the other side.

con todo mi amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

I Know in Whom I Trust…


Im so grateful for these tender mercies Ive seen during these days, if everything goes well have a baptism this saturday, so Im grateful that the Lord has given me this opportunity to not let my thoughts stray from my focus as a missionary and to just help these two girls make covenants with our Heavenly Father, These days have been lots of reflecting on how the Lord has molded me and shaped me. I think about the trials that Ive had here and I am so grateful for each and every one, because I can now see what the Lord saw. When I felt so alone and He helped me realize that He is always there. Or when I would get frustrated with myself because I felt like I couldnt do anything He helped me realize that by myself maybe i cant do much but with His help theres so much more that I can do. I feel like at this point in my mission im standing on a hill looking back on these past 2 years and seeing all of the trials and problems and wondering how i made it this far and thats when I see the hand of the Lord and see the tender mercies He put in my path to keep going. I feel like now im looking forward and i see even more hills even more trials to conquer and even more fears to face, but you know what, Im not afraid now, because I know in whom I trust. That is the greatest thing Ive learned these past 2 years; what it truly means to rely on the Lord and trust in Him. He is my Guide, He is my God, and He is my Father. Im so grateful for this time I have to serve Him and my brothers and sister in this beautiful land. Im so grateful for you mom, and for all of the sacrifices you made to help us grow. I love you so much mom, please send my love to everyone! Ill see you on the other side, Ill be the one with the badge and tie!

Con todo mi amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

Out with the Bad In with the Good

Hey! So super awesome week this week, we started off teaching Zulema, she is so awesome. We taught them outside because their house is really small, and it like got cold randomly, so she went inside and then came out wearing a snapback, it was so funny and so cute because shes like a tiny old grandma, and shes just listening to us with a DC snapback it was awesome. She told us she has always been looking for something more in her life, so she has gotten to know a lot of different churches, shes been baptized like 4 times, and so we talked about the priesthood authority and she understood it so well, and said that her baptisms werent done by people who had the priesthood and that they basically just bathed her, shes amazing and says she already knows that this is the true church, and is already sending the missionaries to her childrens houses so that they can learn, she has already accepted to be baptized we just have to wait for the papers for her marriage to come in so that she can be baptized.

Also this week we found out jenny benites is pregnant! They are so excited and are doing reallly well, awesome miracle this week: So La Favorita is really interestring because lots of the neighborhoods here were made because people just randomly built houses on random spots of land. So theres this new neighborhood thats being made, and lots of antonio and jennifers family are going to be living there, so last night we got to help alot of them, first we had to clear the land from all of the dirt and trash that there was, then we will be able to start to help them build. And helping them yesterday was so awesome because i realized here I am with people i dont know too  well, taking out all of this trash, and I am so happy. It was so much fun to help them because theres just like so much hope there. Because they are people who just want a new start. And that is the most beautiful part  of the gosepl is that it does that same, repentance through the atonement helps us take out all of the dirt and trash that we accumulate because of our imperfection, and then brick by brick the Lord helps edify us to become something so much greater. I was thinking a lot about where I was when I started the mission, and who I am now, and I am so grateful that the Lord has taken the time and continues to take the time to help me grow. I am so grateful for the wonderful peopple here in La Favorita, and soooooo grateful for the time I have left to serve them here,I am so grateful for this gospel and so grateful for my savior Jesus Christ and the love i feel from Him everyday. I love you all so much!
Con todo mi amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

The Tender Mercies that Keep us Moving

Life has been so good, time is flying incredibly fast. Last week we received a referral for a lady who is going to marry a member in the ward, He is like 60  something years old, and she is too, they’re just like this cute little old couple, her name is Zulema, and she has so much faith. She has studied so many religions but has never really found what she’s looking for, it was a huge tender mercy to teach her, she is definitely prepared and she went to church on Sunday! She said everything is very new for her but she is so humble and willing to learn so I’m really excited to continue teaching her!

We’ve just seen lots of tender mercies this week, like a sister in the ward whose health has gotten better, a young man who is sharing the gospel with all of his friends, just lots of little miracles that has helped us know that the Lord is truly aware of all of us. I love this work so much I love you all sorry so short this week! Elder Martinez says hi and sends a hug your way! I love you so much mom! Please send my love to everyone!
Con Amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

Light the Fire

Mom, awesome week this week! A couple weeks ago we visited the relief society president and invited her to open the mouth and share her testimony with a friend, she did it, and we were able to teach her frien yanina! Super awesome lesson, yanina is definitely prepared, and has a lot of real intent, shes already readin the book of mormon, and shes got hermana leal (RS Pres) there to help her, we are also teaching jennifers brothers and sisters theyre doing super well, reading and praying to see if the book of mormon is true. Lots of just really cool small miracles this week. Another tender mercy was we had like no money on us, jhust like a few coins to buy bread, so we went to a familythats like really less active that all os the members said they are like super bitter and dont want anything from the church, but we went anyways to buy bread from them, they gave us a dozen for free, and invited us to lunch this week, and the son came to church with another member this sunday! Just lots of awesome things happening here!

The Benites familys been doing really well they set the goal to finish the Book of Mormon together and theyre just whizzing through 1Nefi, they told us that they love it because they are learning so much and its hard to pt down. I was thinking the other day about a frase i saw in the grafitti the other day, that said teachinng a child is not filling a cup with water, its lighting a fire. Its so true with this gospel, as missionaries we are not teaching anything new to them, these people already accepted jesus christ before they came to this earth and we are only helpng them re kindle that fire. Its so beautiful seeing when someone truly understands the doctrine and just seeing that light in their eyes as they keep the commandments, its amazing. SO im excited to be able to leep finding and teaching, and lighting that fire to help my brothers and sisters here come unto Christ. I know this gospel is true and i know this work is real and truly saves. I love you all so much!
Con amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

Father’s Day 2016

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Father’s Day was super good, we had to talk because there were no speakers and i prayed about what to talk about, and i talked about our Dad and the things he taught me, the most important thing he taught me was what it means to have a testimony and live it, i talked about the moments i would see dad praying personally seeking counsel and how seeing yours and his example helped me gain my own testimony, it was really emotional too, the spirit was super strong. And during the last prayer i was thinking about Lord of the Rings at the end when frodo is in bed and all of his friends come in and its just so emotional because of all of the things they went through, and how joyful it was to be reunited with them again. I was like really sad, and im still really sad that i have to leave the mission, but then i realized i have a family waiting for me, I have loved ones that await me with open arms, and i realized like thats what life is like, we really dont know how long well be here, but we know that our Heavenly Parents are waiting for us on the other side and that all of this is a part of a plan, i loved going through the temple because it was a little glimpse of eternty and what it will be like to have all of us together for ever. Its just like the mission we have to work hard to reach our goals, and I love you and every member of our family to much to let you guys go so im excited for us to work hard and work together so that we can have an eternal family.
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My Chains Are Gone

This week has been amazing, we have been busy preparing the Benites for their baptism, everything was going super well, and then they got married on Friday and we had their baptism programmed on saturday, so after their wedding they  had their baptismal interview, and unfortunately they didnt pass. Apparently they had to have an interview with the President Goates counselor, to see if they could be baptized.

They were sad and afraid they werent going to be able to be baptized, but then Jenny said no matter what happens that she was willing to repent for her past sins no matter how long it takes, she was going to be baptized because she knew it was what she needed to do. So we all prayedc like crazy that night and the next morning they had their interview, and they passed i talked to the counselor after and he said they are two people who have truly repented of their sins.
Antonio told me he felt so relieved like his burden had finally been lifted, and they were able to be truly cleaned later that day. So funny story the water was freezing cold, and its like winter, but they got baptized anyway, and we felt bad because we thought they might get hipothermia or something, and while we were changing antonio told me, it doesnt matter how cold it was or anything like that because that was the best decision he has ever made. After they shared their testimonies and the spirit was so strong that day.
I think the most beautiful part was seeing that forgiveness we truly receive by repenting. My favorite song to listen here on the mission is byu noteworthys version of “amazing grace-my chains are gone” I am more than blessed to be able to help my brothers and sisters here truly come unto the only one who can save. I know that Jesus Christ lives and i know the healing power of his atonement is real, im so grateful to be here, i love you all so much. Please send my love to everyone.
Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson
Wedding Day Familia Benites…
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